About us

We offer alternative products to the original with 100% compatibility.
Because many of these models are no longer manufactured and if you find them in the market its value is close to buying a new car.
We offer a very good quality product, made in Hong Kong and shipped via DHL between 7 and 14 days (usually less than eight days)
Our return policy is quite simple, if you are not happy, you send it back to UK or Hong Kong and then to check that all is in order we will refund the money in a couple of days.
Our missing parts policy is simple as well, If you realised that you have a missing parts, we'll send originals (L€GO) from your country via bricklink.com, that's great, right?

We are associated with a factory in Hong Kong, which allows us to control most of the process.
Once you buy after a few days you will receive your tracking code and you will be informed at all times what happens with your order.
You can write us here or on facebook, we respond as fast as we can.

We are based in Scotland, with a small office in Chile and our product comes from Hong Kong.



Write us If you want to know more about our products