Missing Bricks Policy


The first thing about Missing Bricks and mini-figures. Is to apologize for this mistake.

The second, to react quickly and send you what you need, you have to review all the content and if there are more pieces lost, make a report.

Then from the instruction manual, you take photos of the whole page and the piece that you need, you enclose them in a circle (red) and indicate how many pieces you require.

If you have access to the Lego Manual, These photos should be taken from the end of the manual, where the pieces have a numerical code. So it will be easier for me to request them and send them to you from the UK.

We send the missing bricks by local post from you country.

There are some cases when the missing bricks belong to the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series, we need to order them from Hong Kong, because the Lego price is too high, for example the three big engines of the Star Destroyer, each one cost around 50.00 GBP in LEGO, and to be honest, with that money you can buy another star destroyer from my store.

So everything except special cases "IT WILL BE ORIGINAL LEGO PARTS".