Why buy with us?

The difference between buying with us and your doing it directly to China or Hong Kong is very important.

If you want the refund due to your regret or purchase in error, We will refund your money as soon as PayPal wants *, although sometimes it is immediate.

* If in the future we offer direct payment with credit card, it can take between five and ten days the returns),

But if you shop directly to China and you want the refund due for any reason. Can take at least one month.

If you are looking for answers to questions before, during and after your purchase, we always respond to emails. And we give you all the information we have available.

But if you shop directly to China it is quite difficult to get answers from the seller, for many reasons, lack of understanding, lack of language skills, lack of interest and lack of scrupulous.

All our shipments are through DHL, with a range between 6 and 15 days for delivery to all our destinations. What assures us a smooth and safe service, in addition the customer has the control with a tracking code. Sometimes in extreme cases we occupy other companies, but with the same results.

But if you shop directly to China, the shipments can last for weeks or months, finding an honest and good seller is difficult.

If in your order are missing parts, we send them directly from your country, through Bricklink.com and that refers to new and original parts.

But if you buy directly from China, and you have missing parts, you can quietly wait between one or more months for missing parts.

We give you what you need, trust, transparency, speed, and support.