Winner of the VENATOR

Hi Members of the Club

We have the Winner of The VENATOR 

Simon Slavik

Simon Slavik, you did it and in an amazing way, more than 7000 points is out of this world, congratulations and enjoy you price.
  Name__________________ Location         __________   Points  _____ 
  Simon Slavik Bratislava, 02   7,231   
  Valerie Schlicht Apache Junction, AZ   961   
  lskangas United States   519   
  lskangas United States   493   
  vconway40 Phoenix, AZ   328   
  SushiMonster555 United States   293   
  ccntx Texarkana, TX   286   
  Amber Richardson Glendale, CA   281   
  derek.jennings1 United States   279 Orkanger, 16   274   

Do not worry members of the club, we will do more contest to give away free prices.