52 Real Size Blocks - Bundle02

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This is a Money Saver Bundle for start creating you ideas.  available only in UK for now!

EverBlock starter pack includes:

  • 32 Full Size 12" Blocks
  • 8 Half Size 6" Blocks
  • 12 Finishing Caps.  

All blocks must be the same color 

No Tools, Glue, or Material Handling Equipment Is Required to Build Structures of Nearly Any Size 

Each Bricks has a series of connector lugs, that are designed to nest into the underside of the next block. Sections can be staggered in 3" intervals, so that 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the lug sets nest into the other block. 

Lugs are designed to pressure fit into corresponding slots on the underside of the block on top. Underside ribbing provides structural support and a tight fit. 

To begin, simply align each new block over the block below and center over the lugs that you want to connect with. Press down until you can't push any further and blocks are fully connected.


Utilize a combination of block types, lug spacing, and block direction to create your object.  Alternate as needed to create unique designs and consider the structural implication of aligning seam lines (when seams are aligned the construction is not as strong and we suggest staggering blocks).  

Change block rotation to provide strength and to extend your object in another direction. This is ideal for buildings, displays, and other multidirectional structures. 

Use smaller (4 lug) blocks and different spacing (i.e. 2,4,6, or 8 lugs connected) to create more detail and resolution for your objects and based on your specific needs. 

Depending on the size, application, or type of object you are building, it may be necessary to reinforce your object for additional stability. We suggest utilizing 1/2" rebar or wood, metal, or PVC dowels, rods, or tubing to provide added strength.

  • Full-size 12" block:  30.48cm L x 15.24cm W x 15.24cm H (+2.54cm for lugs) - 1kg  
  • Bulk Pack Contains: 18 Blocks.
  • All blocks must be the same color.


Hi-Impact Polypropylene Co-Polymer (“no-break”) with UV Inhibitors added for outdoor use. 

EverBlock is recyclable.


UL94HB (Underwriters laboratory Yellow Card Number): signifying that EverBlock material embodies a slow burn rate of 2” per minute for a 2” wide by 0.5” in thickness test sample.  Furthermore, UL94HB signifies that the material will not flare up when exposed to an open flame.

 Hot wire ignition rating: 3