The Vespa P200

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The Vespa P 200 E is a motor-driven model of the Italian manufacturer Piaggio , built between 1977 and 1982. In Germany, the model was available from 1978 onwards. In the summer of 1978 she was exhibited in Germany at the motorcycle fair in Cologne.  In contrast to the first Italian version "Senza Frecce", the P200E had a direction indicator .

The P 200 E was the most powerful variant of the "new generation" of the Vespa , which was first called Vespa P and later Vespa PX and differed mainly in the design from the previously built models. The newly conceived frame of the P-series was physically larger in comparison to the previous models. The hoods became more angular and from 1978 on integrated direction indicators. 

The electrical contact for the turn signals was passed through the fuse pin for the bonnet. On the front, in the leg shield area of ​​the P-series, the driving direction indicators were attached to the side edges of the leg shield.

The front fenders were also enlarged and designed in a square shape. The fender or the cascade also became more voluminous. The previously still visible horn disappeared in the cascade. The cascade also concealed a large distribution segment for power cables. On the other side of the leg shield, all P-models got a voluminous luggage compartment.

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